The platform will be available during the live days of the event, from the 1-3 November 2021, but you will also be able to enjoy the content for 3 more months after the conference.

Please note that WACP AGSM 2021 and all sessions will take place in UTC +0/ GMT time zone.

The WACP AGSM 2021 will offer you a full virtual experience and the opportunity to take part in every aspect of the programme including:
• Listen to all the presentations and sessions – whenever and wherever you want
• Network with your colleagues – Use the world map to browse the list of participants and use the conference system to contact other delegates and network.
• Join the debate – join the live discussions for all of the sessions
• Obtain CME credits for attending
• Come back for more – All sessions will be available on-demand for 3 months following the Virtual meeting

To attend the virtual meeting, you need a good internet connection, your device or computer, and a valid registration. You will receive login details a few days prior to the meeting.

Once we get closer to the dates, you will receive further instructions on the features of the virtual platform and how to fully enjoy the virtual experience.

Yes, during Congress hours there will be support from our team, via chat or via email, to participants, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

You can register here, following the steps indicated in the online registration form.

The content will be available on-demand for 3 months following the meerting dates, for all registered participants, so that you can access it.

All cancellations must be emailed to reg_wacp21@kenes.com prior to the deadlines according to the cancellation policy. For more information, please click here.

You can contact reg_wacp21@kenes.com or use the contact form here
and select Registration as the Subject.

Fellows, Members, Clinicians and Researchers are invited to submit their abstracts for presentation through the abstract submission form. You can find all the information on the Abstract Submission and Guidelines page, together with the Tracks categories here.
Please bear in mind that the deadline for sending the abstracts is the 6 September 2021.

Once the Call for Papers and evaluation process are finalized, you will be contacted by email by us, with further instructions.

For abstract related questions, please use the contact form here, selecting Abstracts as the subject. Or email wacp-agsm_abstracts@kenes.com

Yes, there will be an E-poster section, where all posters will be available since the first day of the Congress. There will be two types of e-posters:

– Read only e-posters – The abstract will be available for read only, but participants can send questions to the author via the chat in the Networking area.

– Read & Listen e-posters – The abstract will be available for read and there will be an audio file linked to the e-poster with a presentation from the author. Participants will also be able to send questions questions to the author via the chat in the Networking area.

E-poster presenters will be contacted with further instructions by the Scientific Programme Coordinator once the Call for Papers selection and evaluation process is over.

An e-poster presenter should be online during the Congress hours to reply to any questions that come via chat. If any questions are asked after Congress hours, when logging in the next day, presenters will be able to see them and reply.

Most sessions will also include live Q&A for virtual delegates to address questions to the speakers through the platform.

– Through the Live Q&A function, which will be available for most of the sessions and you will be able to ask questions in the dedicated chat room.

– You can also contact the speakers individually through the Networking Area.

For any further doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us at: wacp-agsm@kenes.com